Fundraiser & Breakfast with Santa Raffle

On December 9th, DJWC  had a successful fundraiser at Breakfast with Santa at the Dedham Community House.  With the generosity of the families attending, we were able to raise $64. This money will be sent to Heifer International’s-Tanzania School Milk Project and the UN sponsored, Shot@Life.  Thank you to all those who helped.

The accompanying Breakfast with Santa raffle that raised the funds provided first, second and third place prizes.  Participants guessed the number of crackers in a jar.  There were 205 animal crackers.  First prize, donated by Massachusetts State Representative and Dedham resident, Paul McMurtry, was two tickets to the Dedham Theater.  David Liffers guessed the number 204 and won first prize. Second prize, a holiday decoration, went to Hunter Greeley who guessed the number 208. Third prize was a three-way tie with all the winners guessing the number 200.  Holiday decorations went to Margarita Ramirez, Betsy Messina, and Peter Cardino. The decorations were donated to the DJWC by a Dedham resident and supporter. Happy holidays to all our supporters!
Congratulations to all the winners!  We appreciate the support of our efforts.  Happy Holidays!!