Dedham Voter Information

Dedham’s Charter and Town Meeting
According to Dedham’s Charter, the “administration of all the fiscal, prudential, and municipal affairs of the town, with the government thereof, shall be vested in a legislative branch, to consist of a representative town meeting.”

Town Meeting is to consist of no less than 270 members, but not more than necessary to achieve an equal number coming from each precinct.

The Massachusetts Citizen’s Guide to Town Meetings
The Massachusetts Citizen’s Guide to Town Meetings answers questions about Town Meeting such as:
What does Town Meeting decide?
What does the Finance Committee do?
What’s a Warrant?
Does the majority rule at Town Meeting?

Polling Places in Dedham

Precinct. One         Town Hall, 26 Bryant St
Precinct  Two        Riverdale School, 143 Needham St.
Precinct Three      The OLD Avery School, 123 High St.
Precinct Four         Dedham Middle School 70 Whiting Ave
Precinct Five         Greenlodge School, 191 Greenlodge St.
Precinct  Six          Dedham Middle School 70 Whiting Ave
Precinct Seven     Greenlodge School, 191 Greenlodge St.

If you do not know what Precinct you are in, see Where Do I Vote In MA?

Public Policy Links

Project Vote Smart is an online voter research guide.  Critical information, such as voting records, public statements and issue positions, can be found on almost any state or federally elected official.

The Library of Congress’ THOMAS website provides information about specific bills both currently before either House of Congress and in previous sessions.  This information can be found by searching for key words or a specific bill number.

Open Secrets is a project of the Center for Responsive Politics. The website compiles information on campaign and political contributions to federally elected officials based on information taken from the Federal Election Commission.

Women’s Policy Inc. advises the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues to help make informed decisions on policies that affect women.  They also advise federal regulators, academics, women’s groups, the business community, and the media.

Congressional Quarterly is a news-based website that provides an insider’s look into Washington D.C. politics and policy.

The DJWC created this page to promote citizenship in action.  This is a non-partisan, informational resource for any resident interesting in active community involvement.